The Fatback Band


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musical rhythm, typically underscoring a rap performance
Collocates dope10, body7, rap6, 8085, phat4, -ass4, peeps4, rock4, murder4, on lock3, drop3, fresh3, hip-hop3, hot3, I'mma3, MC3, on wax3, rhyme3, wack3, on point2, DJ2, ghetto2, flow2, def2, 24-72, rhyme2, biatch2, sure shot2, block2, peep out2, bust2, cavi2, gangsta2, nahmsayin2, murk2, down with2, herb, hoo-ride, hood, hooptie, hot one, hype, hyphy, ill, it's all good, j's, laced-up, lifted, luchini, narc, no homo, on lock, on the grind, on the cut, on the low, on the regular, one deep, played-out, pop, posse, rack, rap, real, rep, retarded, rhyme sayer, ride, rock, scratch, serve, simp, slang, spark up, spit, stupid, sucker, sweet, threads, 3-stripe, thump, tight, trife, tryna, weed, what it do, whip, wild on, word, wreck, X.O., ya heard, Alpine, freak, gangsta lean, it's on, pusher, time, chill, diss, kick, yo, bang, bump, chill, hype, shiznit, thick, 5th Ward, back in the day, bangin, beef, Benz, bitch, BK, boogie-down, booty, break it down, bruh, bumrush, Caddy, cheese, chronic, cluck, clucker, cop, CP3, crunk, dead, dookie, fed, 5-0, flow, hella, Henny
Domains Music
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1930s
Related concepts beat biter

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