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a kilogram of cocaine, marijuana, or some other drug
Categories Also Animal, Quantities
Collocates slang4, chicken3, move3, cook2, flip2, serve2, ki2, tree, work, eightball, B, bitch, bitch, chopper, dirty, dirty, dope, iron, O.G., on the grind, 6, snow, spot, tote, Valley Joe, whip, 12, ayo, brick, game, push someone's wig back, slang
Domains Cocaine, Drug Sales
Etymology Derives from bird
Synonyms cake, chicken, pie
Related concepts A1, blow, bump, cane, coke, cook, hustle, nose candy, perico, powder, primo, slang, sling, snow, trap, V-12, whip, white, white-horse, white line, woolie, yayo, yola, zootie

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