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a gun
Categories Weapons
Collocates twisted2 bitch2 dog2 gat2 pop2 slip2 tote2 heat2 lifted2 burner bust chicken chronic ⋅ clip creep ⋅ Cris D dome down-low ⋅ fiend ⋅ get busy ghetto head ⋅ heater hollow-point ⋅ mad nickel nine pack pop ⋅ pop off ⋅ pop off ⋅ props push ratchet rift ⋅ roll with shank ⋅ shot 6 slug stash ⋅ toast tool twist ⋅ weed wet up ⋅ yo hot one 9 AR ⋅ beef block blunt body booyah brick
Synonyms bammer booyaka burner gat heat heater iron jammy llama ratchet roscoe steel toast tool toolie whistle

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