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a city block, especially as a locus of activity (e.g. hanging out, drug-dealing, etc.)
Categories Locations
Collocates on lock22, rock14, weight11, glock11, guap10, cock7, trap6, slang6, hot6, pop5, Mo City5, cop5, air out4, move4, push4, spray up4, dip4, pusher4, 124, shotta4, street-sweep3, homie3, bitch3, flake3, corner3, po-po3, roll3, sheisty3, hustle3, on lock3, thugged-out3, fresh3, hood3, threads3, trife3, 643, cavi3, Chi-town3, chop3, Clover3, dime3, drop3, fin'3, stack2, yay2, slang2, slug2, son2, strapped up2, knot2, hops2, homeboy2, hoe2, hit switches2, hit a lick2, H-town2, fully2, fly2, nuff2, finna2, fetti2, yac2, bread2, grind2, 1872, 24-72, beat2, sick2, white girl2, bop2, cake2, dead2, crack rock2, ends2, cluck-head2, broccoli2, dope2, dog2, chronic2, hooptie2, peep out2, scrilla2, stack2, clock2, mayne2, narc2, nick2, paid2, spot2, whip2, wet2, white2, rims2, pump2, shot-caller2, shot2, mail2, hip-hop2, rep2, rock2, serve2, G2, shotty2, shorty2, snitch2, snatch, snow, the A, the Bay, your ass is grass, third coast, tote, trap, tree, trife, trill, triple gold, tryna, hustle, hustler, ice cream, John Blaze, jook, kicks, ki, knot, yayo, loc'd, loc, mack, max, Medina, O, 3-wheel, thuggish, thump, 20, yo, gangsta, geah, honey, yo, game, Dutch, steel, diesel, cop, 41st side, 4 pound, simp, spit, squally, squeeze, stick-up kid, stripes, stunt on, sucker, swerve, telly, trip, twist, uzi, V-12, V.A., Vogue, weed, what's crackin', whistle, white-wall, wodie, word, work, dis, bwoy, skeeze, true dat, what it do, flavor, shife, make moves, bang, burner, chicken, crew, G-ride, maintain, nickel, player-hate, playa-made, pump, rep on, spark, straight, yam, everything is everything, on the grind, skrt, 20, 25 with an L, 4, 5-0, 50, 7:30, 808, A-town, AK, all about, and shit, ayo, Backwoods, bae, bang, bar, Bed-Stuy, biscuit, bling, bling, blow, BM, boogie-down, bopper, boss, brick, bruh, bubblegoose, buck, Bucktown, bump, bumrush, Cali, candy, candy, chain, chicken, chromed-out, cock-diesel, cock-block, cold, cool, crack pipe, dime sack, dough, drop, drop-top, DT, clique up, clown, crack, crunk, Cutty, def, deuce deuce, Escalade, fa sheezy, figures, 44, fuckboy, gank, ghost, go hard, grimy, H, hard white, head, heat, heron, hood, hootie hoo, icy, ish, j, j's, jawn, mob, murk, on smash, on swoll, ox, paper, papes, Phillie, Piru, puff, punk, QB, Range, rapper, rap, re-up, represent, ride, ride, ride, rolly, run a train, sawed-off, scrill, sherm, shit, shout-out, slab
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the late 1700s
Holonyms hood
Meronyms corner
Related concepts ghetto

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