Kurtis Blow


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a city block, especially as a locus of activity (e.g. hanging out, drug-dealing, etc.)
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Collocates on lock19 guap10 rock9 glock9 weight8 cock6 tool6 shot6 trap5 shot-caller5 cop5 hot4 opp4 slang4 Mo City4 pop4 dip4 bang3 air out3 chop3 shotta3 drop3 Clover3 thugged-out3 fin3 hustle3 po-po3 sheisty3 bitch3 rep3 snitch3 on lock3 move3 spray up3 643 corner3 cavi3 pusher3 D3 knot2 202 street-sweep2 paid2 narc2 dog2 and shit2 ends2 flake2 nuff2 G2 rims2 peep out2 pump2 crack rock2 push2 hard white2 son2 boulder2 cake2 5-02 122 four pound2 wet2 package2 scrilla2 cluck-head2 fresh2 stack2 trife2 roll2 fully2 mayne2 rock2 FN2 paper2 tote2 242 clock2 stack2 strapped up2 shorty2 spot2 dope2 homie2 hip-hop2 hooptie2 hops2 bop2 threads2 1872 beat2 homeboy2 H-town2 hood2 white-wall wodie word ⋅ yo work twist ⋅ yam Zoe Pound gauge caked 41st side crack pipe bubblegoose thuggish slang dump stunt on ⋅ it's on yac deuce deuce chromed-out bling grind make moves ⋅ hootie hoo rolly shout-out ⋅ fed figures true dat flavor fuckboy skeeze game geah ⋅ gangsta gank loc ⋅ cock-block G-ride heron broccoli A-town 44 ⋅ boogie-down muh'fucker knock ⋅ lifted what it do yay locked ⋅ Rock City ⋅ your ass is grass on the grind slide ⋅ chopstick H ⋅ head ⋅ j jawn jook j's knot let off let off loc'd yayo mail maintain MAK 90 max Medina murk nickel O ⋅ pack papes Phillie ⋅ Piru pop ⋅ puff ⋅ punk push QB Range ⋅ rap rap rapper rep on ⋅ represent re-up rhyme ride ⋅ ride ⋅ tree trill trip triple gold uzi ⋅ V.A. Vogue weed Draco ⋅ spray ⋅ on swoll fetti Calico fly nick hit switches dime hoe serve ⋅ dead bread drop whip white girl drop-top ⋅ 24-7 4 ⋅ DT bang ⋅ dub ⋅ Bed-Stuy ⋅ slug 25 with an L beef biscuit brick bruh ⋅ AK ⋅ buck ⋅ ayo Bucktown bump ⋅ bumrush burner bwoy ⋅ boss ⋅ candy ⋅ candy ⋅ chain ⋅ chicken clip chicken clown ⋅ clique up bust cock-diesel cold ⋅ cool ⋅ cream def diesel ⋅ dime sack dough Dutch crack Cutty ride ⋅ 24-7 50 ⋅ 7:30 shotty bar double R 808 10 ⋅ stick-up kid stripes slab stunt gully heat spit 3-wheel hood hustle squeeze ⋅ sucker hustler ice cream icy swerve ⋅ telly the A the Bay thump ⋅ toolie scrill sherm shife shit ⋅ simp skrt 20 whistle
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the late 1700s

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