Big Daddy Kane


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a cigar, typically emptied of tobacco and packed with marijuana
Collocates Phillie27, roll11, 4010, stunt8, roll up7, puff6, puff6, chronic6, tote5, stunt5, Optimo5, skunk5, bitch5, indo4, spark4, weed4, front4, spark up4, Backwoods4, mad3, yac3, on the regular3, blow3, Swisher3, chief2, H-town2, hoe2, lace up2, Olde E2, parlay2, proper2, sess2, sherm2, sticky-icky2, yo2, buddha2, blaze up2, crunk2, Henny, herb, heron, hoochie, hot, illy, in the cut, ish, j, joint, keyed, crunk, kush, lifted, like a boss, long, lucci, molly, O.Z., O.G., O.G., on point, on the daily, one-time, onion, out chea, peep out, Philly, piff, po-po, projects, pump, Remy, rep, rhyme, rock, sherm stick, sizzurp, smoke, steady, sticky, swag, TEC, throw up, thugged-out, toke, trey pound, trip, twist up, whip, wild, wild out, wooler, woolie, X, xan, brain, Caddy, sour, fire, haze, sour, sour diesel, Dutch, reggie, geeked up, shot-caller, I'mma, toolie, tool, chopper, gat, 24-7-365, owl, 40 ounce, 'jects, tryna, diss, bust, crazy, l, yayo, lac, 6, Audi, babysit, babysit, back in the day, biscuit, blaze, body, brah, bread, bust a nut, Cali, chief, coke, cool, CPT, crack, crib, deuce deuce, dip, dis, DJ, doja, dro, eightball, faded, fifth, fo shizzo, 40 dog, four pound, ganja, Garcia Vega, got 5 on it, gram, grass, hella
Etymology from Blunt, a type of Phillies brand cigar
Synonyms Backwoods, Dutch, Owl, Philly, Vega, White Owl
Related concepts blow, chief, hydro, joint, kush, l, la, puff, puff, spark, spliff

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