Big Daddy Kane


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a cigar, typically emptied of tobacco and packed with marijuana
Collocates Phillie26 4010 roll10 stunt8 bitch5 chronic5 Optimo5 puff5 puff5 roll up5 Backwoods4 mad4 skunk4 spark4 spark up4 stunt4 tote4 yac3 indo3 front3 Swisher3 weed3 blow2 buddha2 chief2 crunk2 hoe2 lace up2 Olde E2 on the regular2 parlay2 proper2 sess2 sherm2 sticky-icky2 woolie2 yo2 lac 24-7-365 40 ounce 6 Actavis ⋅ angel dust back in the day biscuit body brah ⋅ brain bust bust a nut Caddy central booking chief chopper chopstick cool ⋅ crazy crib deuce deuce dip ⋅ diss DJ ⋅ doja faded fifth fo shizzo 40 dog four pound ganja ⋅ gat got 5 on it gram ⋅ grass H-town haze ⋅ hella herb heron hit ⋅ hoochie I'mma illy in the cut j 'jects joint ⋅ crunk kush l lifted like a boss yayo long lucci molly O.Z. O.G. on point on the daily one-time out chea owl peep out ⋅ peeps Philly ⋅ piff po-po pump ⋅ Remy ⋅ rhyme rock shot-caller sizzurp skins ⋅ smoke ⋅ sour ⋅ sour diesel sticky ⋅ TEC thugged-out toke ⋅ toolie tool trey pound tryna twist up ⋅ whip wild ⋅ wild out ⋅ wooler X xan
Domains Drugs Marijuana Proprietary
Etymology from Blunt, a type of Phillies brand cigar
Synonyms Backwoods Dutch Owl Philly ⋅ Vega White Owl
Related concepts blow ⋅ chief hydro joint ⋅ kush l la puff ⋅ puff ⋅ spark ⋅ spliff

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