A Tribe Called Quest


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a girlfriend or boyfriend
Categories Terms of address
Collocates how we do2 bitch2 wifey2 yo2 hoe2 Rari2 ball ⋅ beef bezel ⋅ boss ⋅ bread bubblegoose Bugatti ⋅ chicken chill cuff down ⋅ drop everything is everything fiend ⋅ figures 45 ⋅ gangsta go hard hard holla at ⋅ hustler ice Jacob lace ⋅ Lamb ⋅ lamp live ⋅ make it rain mine ⋅ mob ⋅ move O.E. ⋅ on the low pack push rap serve ⋅ 6 son strap ⋅ tote trick ⋅ twerk ⋅ twisted ⋅ what it do work nahmsayin ⋅ dead shorty ⋅ 64 ayo bag ⋅ baller
Etymology mid-1980s
Shout-outs Aruba Bermuda Queens House Victoria's Secret
Synonyms bae
Related concepts honey-dip wifey

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