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a girlfriend or boyfriend
Categories Terms Of Address
Collocates hoe2, everything is everything2, how we do2, ride2, shorty2, wifey2, yo2, bitch2, Rari2, bread, bubblegoose, Bugatti, chicken, chill, cuff, down, drop, fiend, figures, 45, gangsta, go hard, hard, holla at, hustler, ice, Jacob, keep it real, lace, Lamb, lamp, live, make it rain, mine, mob, move, no doubt, O.E., on the low, pack, push, rap, roll, serve, 6, son, strap, syrup, tote, trick, twerk, twisted, what it do, work, nahmsayin, dead, 64, ayo, bag, baller, ball, beef, bezel, boss
Etymology mid-1980s
Synonyms bae
Related concepts honey-dip, wifey

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