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a promiscuous woman;
a groupie
Categories Insults
Collocates bop4 chopper3 steady3 dick2 hater2 chop2 hate2 I'mma2 candy2 down ⋅ fiend ⋅ fine ⋅ fly 4 ⋅ freak ⋅ game hit switches hoe in the mix jock ⋅ off the hook paper peep player proper raw ⋅ roll deep simp spit stunt tryna whip on the daily pimp ⋅ swang ⋅ brick come up ⋅ chicken clown ⋅ club creep
Domains Women
Shout-outs Dougie Daddy Texas, USA West Park
Synonyms bop breezy bust down chicken chickenhead hoochie hoochie mama hood-rat nat nat nat skeeze skeezer stunt thot thottie

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