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Collocates long8, fed6, loot3, stack3, toast3, bitch2, block2, cake2, dough2, guap2, hustle2, mad2, scratch2, Ac, all about, back in the day, beef, biatch, blunt, boo, bout, brick, cheese, chips, clock, cold, crunked, cuff, dope, fetti, flow, fuckboy, fuck with, geah, grind, head, heat, hoe, holla, hood rich, hyphy, I'mma, K, lead, lettuce, mine, Mo City, murk, on the daily, paper, post up, proper, rhyme, roll up, scrill, sheisty, slanger, slow your roll, son, stunt, TEC, telly, Timbs, toast, trap star, trick, weed, word is bond, ya heard, yo, fed, d-game
Domains Money
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1940s
Related concepts long, tall

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