Jayo Felony


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a brick-shaped package of cocaine or some other drug, typically amounting to 36 ounces
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Collocates chop8 front8 nick8 cop6 flip6 weight6 move5 whip5 bitch4 chicken4 cook4 hit a lick4 triple beam4 dime3 fed3 hustle3 mad3 trap3 yay3 62 bag2 bando2 chips2 clique2 coke2 cook up2 crazy2 glock2 hard white2 hustle2 in the cut2 ki2 ounce2 plug2 re-up2 rolly2 zip2 hundred-pack eightball AK ⋅ as fuck bag ⋅ bands beef birdy bird bitch block bopper boulder bread bust a nut bust off ⋅ cane cake Calio come up ⋅ cat ⋅ chop up ⋅ chopper clip connect cop crack Crooklyn cut ⋅ D D dead dime dog dope double R double R dough dro e'ry ⋅ elbow figures fish scale fly fuck with fully G up ⋅ gangsta gram ⋅ green gutter H-town hammer ⋅ head ⋅ hella herb hit ⋅ hoe I'mma Ion ish jack boy jump off ⋅ kicks knock ⋅ lean loco long nickel on the grind onion pack paper peeps pimp ⋅ powder purp push pusher quarter ⋅ raw ⋅ rock roll with scrilla semi ⋅ serve ⋅ slang snatch ⋅ snow squeeze ⋅ stack stripes third coast tool trap boy trick ⋅ trip uptown ⋅ uptown ⋅ weed whip with it ⋅ wodie yola
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