The Dismasters


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a contemptible person;
a coward
Antonyms baller, G, hustler, mack, mack daddy, pimp
Categories Insults
Collocates -ass10, hustler6, sucker4, hater4, straight3, soldier3, player-hate3, dump3, simp2, skanless2, slug2, trill2, clucker2, baller2, player-hate2, punk2, hard2, front2, roll on2, ruckus2, gangsta, ghetto bird, ghetto-fabulous, glock, high-top fade, hoo-ride, hustle, Jacob, mack, make moves, mark, new jack, O.Z., off the hook, on the grind, on wax, peel someone's cap, peep, play, ride, roll, roll, roll up, shook, snitch, snitch, spray, stunt, sweat, time, tote, trick, roll with, slang, shot-caller, wannabe, Casper, go off, gauge, round, D's, bust, player-hating, 40, baby mama, bar, bitch, breezy, bumba claat, cane, Chuck Taylors, clown, cluster, D, ends, fa sheezy, fiend, front, front on, fuck with, fuck with, G
Synonyms bitch, fuckboy, herb, punk, puto, sucker

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