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a Cadillac automobile
Antonyms hooptie
Categories Cars, Possessions
Collocates mack daddy6, Benz5, roll5, drop-top4, roll3, dip3, D's3, hoe3, Lex3, Vogue3, old school3, swang2, bitch2, candy2, chill2, cop2, drop2, ends2, Escalade2, Fleetwood2, cold2, floss2, wood2, hit switches2, hood2, hustle2, swanga2, ride2, dump, fatty, Fleet, freaky, fresh, G, gangsta, gators, grill, heater, homeboy, hood, hooptie, I'mma, loco, low-ride, mack, mash out, pimp daddy, pimp, rap, rapper, ride, rims, Rolls, roughneck, Rover, scrilla, shorty, sick, slang, slide, sour, stack, static, stone, stunt, sucker, sweet, switch, 3-wheel, tip, trill, whip, white-wall, wood-grain, woolie, yo, slide, cat, pimped out, roll up, -ass, 12-gauge, automatic, baby mama, backpack, bail, ball, bang, barre, beat, Bentley, bitch, blunt, burner, Cali, clucker, crawl, crib, Dayton, De Ville, deep, -iz-, dog, dome, dro, dub
Domains Proprietary
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1920s
Etymology Derives from Cadillac
Synonyms Lac
Related concepts Ac, beamer, Bentley, Benz, BM, Bugatti, De Ville, Escalade, Maybach, Range, Range Rover, Rolls, Rolls Royce

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