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Categories Abbreviations, Locations
Collocates dro9, weed6, Chi-town5, kush5, Calico4, cavi4, bitch3, blow3, chill3, H-town3, roll3, 642, burn2, chronic2, crib2, G2, lean2, rep2, Sac-town2, the A2, hundred spoke, AK, ball, block, blow, blunt, body-rock, bounce, Brick City, bud, buddha, bust, BX, Caddy, Cadillac, come up, candy, sess, chief, chief, connect, cop, CP3, Crooklyn, D's, dip, dome, drank, drop, Dutch, fade, feel, fin', flavor, Fleet, game, go hard, good, green, green leaf, hard, haze, hella, hoe, homie, hood, I'mma, Illtown, Jacob, keyed, nahmean, lick off, life, loc up, low-low, mack, max, Medina, Philly, player, plug, purp, realness, shit, shot, Slauson, sticky-icky, swag, sweet, T-Dot, the Bay, U.P.T., white-wall, yo
Region West Coast
Meronyms 310, 415, 510, Compton, CPT, Crenshaw, Inglewood, LBC, O, Oaktown, South Central, V-town
Synonyms Califas

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