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Collocates slang16 maintain5 sling5 gangbang4 serve3 brain3 package2 spot2 slanger2 mayne2 bird2 cook2 drank2 front2 bruh2 flake four finger ring G game gang ⋅ gangbanger ⋅ get over H-town hard hate ⋅ havin' thangs hit a lick homie hood ill ⋅ in the mix Jacob jake ⋅ legit ⋅ loot ⋅ manteca O.Z. O.G. po-po proper push Rover slang soldier ⋅ the Bay uncut ⋅ weight X game move back in the day bitch brick buster chain ⋅ chicken clucker cook up ⋅ cop corner ⋅ dope fiend
Domains Cocaine Drugs
Etymology from cocaine
Synonyms A1 cocaina flake ice cream nose candy perico powder snow snowflake snow white V-12 white white girl white horse white line yac yam yay yayo yola

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