Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel


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Collocates slang19, maintain6, sling5, package4, slanger4, gangbang4, serve3, brain3, mayne2, spot2, game2, front2, drank2, cook2, the Bay2, jake2, bird2, bruh2, move2, game, gang, gangbanger, gauge, get over, H-town, hard, hard, hate, havin' thangs, hit a lick, homie, hood, ill, in the mix, jack, Jacob, legit, loot, manteca, O.Z., O.G., peep, po-po, proper, push, Range Rover, Rover, slab, slang, snatch, soldier, straight, trap, uncut, weight, X, back in the day, bitch, bitch, boulder, brick, buster, chain, chicken, clucker, cook up, cop, corner, dog, dope, fiend, flake, four finger ring, G
Domains Cocaine, Drugs
Etymology from cocaine
Related concepts bird, cake, chicken, cook, crack, crackhead, crack rock, ice cream, krill, pie, primo, rock, soap, whip, woolie, zootie
Related words coke

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