Sir Mix-A-Lot


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Collocates stack34, clip15, whip5, trip4, mad4, long3, 63, bitch3, bout3, cop3, dip3, grip3, hoe3, I'mma3, trick2, zip2, cavi2, brick2, blow2, ball2, bank2, all about2, check2, cheddar2, dump2, glock2, pack2, paper2, the Bay2, homie, how we do, hustle, ice, j, ki, lifted, Mac, mayne, on the daily, on the grind, ounce, pimp, player, pull someone's card, punk, push, rap, re-up, represent, rolly, scrilla, set-trip, sit on, snitch, soldier, spit, spot, squeeze, steady, steel, strapped, strap, swerve, three pound, trey eight, trick, tryna, yo, z, about, B.I., bag, bando, bitch, bread, breezy, cat, chain, clock, club, crew, dope, dough, down, finna, flex, floss, flow, for sure, freak, gaffle, gangstress, grind, hard, herb, hit a lick, hit
Derivatives chip
Domains Money
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1850s
Related concepts long, tall

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