Sir Mix-A-Lot


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Collocates stack27 clip14 whip5 trip4 mad4 grip3 long3 bout3 cop3 hoe3 63 check2 dip2 dump2 glock2 the Bay2 trick2 bitch2 cheddar2 all about2 ball2 brick2 cavi2 for sure ⋅ freak ⋅ gaffle gangstress hit a lick hit ⋅ homie how we do hustle ice j ki lifted Mac mayne on the daily on the grind ounce ⋅ pimp ⋅ player pull someone's card punk push rap represent rolly scrilla set-trip ⋅ sit on snitch ⋅ soldier ⋅ spit spot ⋅ squeeze ⋅ strap ⋅ three pound trey eight ⋅ trick ⋅ yo z ⋅ peeps I'mma pack paper zip about ⋅ B.I. bag ⋅ bank bitch bread breezy cat ⋅ chain ⋅ clock ⋅ club crew dope dough down ⋅ finna flex ⋅ flow
Domains Money
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1850s
Synonyms bank bread broccoli cabbage cake celery cheddar cheese commas cream decimals digits dinero dough ends feta fetti figures gouda green guac guacamole guap lettuce lucci luchini mail pape paper papes root of evil scrill scrilla snaps trap yaper

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