King Louie


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Chicago, Illinois
Categories Cities Locations
Collocates bitch9 shit8 hoe3 302 bitch2 GD2 pole2 real2 ride2 40 A.T.L. ball ⋅ bang ⋅ BD ⋅ bitch BK black ⋅ Chi-town D dope dreads ⋅ drill ⋅ for real foreign ⋅ fuck with gang ⋅ gat grill ⋅ G hard heat hollow ⋅ hot ice K ⋅ murder on the low opp post up ⋅ pound ⋅ projects ride ⋅ slide ⋅ sling ⋅ squad street ⋅ thot weed what up ⋅ wild
Region Midwest
Etymology a portmanteau of Chicago and Iraq, comparing the area to a war zone due to its high crime rates

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