2 Live Crew


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an exclusive group of friends or associates;
a gang
Collocates bitch3 down with3 fuck with3 player-hate3 beef2 brick2 chicken2 crew2 hit a lick2 peep out2 posse2 raw2 roll with2 thick2 -ass 187 6 air out baller ⋅ bang ⋅ bar bird bitch bitch blunted ⋅ booyah bout ⋅ bruh ⋅ bugged-out bumrush Bushwick chain ⋅ Chi-town chill clip clown ⋅ come up ⋅ commas cop dimepiece dunn fifth element four fifth four pound game gang ⋅ gangsta rap gat ghetto ghetto ghost glocked up go off grind H-town hate ⋅ hoe hood rich I'mma Illtown in the mix Ion iron keep it real lean Lex lifted locked ⋅ mail move murk New Jeruz O.G. off the chain off the hook off the meat rack on the low on wax pack paid paper plug po-po project punk QBC realness rep ⋅ represent retarded roll deep roll shife shit ⋅ shiznit shot-caller slang slang soldier ⋅ spit straight up and down stunt TEC throw down tool tote trick ⋅ trill trump tight whip word is bond yay yo zooted
Derivatives clique up
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the early 1700s
Synonyms crew squad

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