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an exclusive group of friends or associates;
a gang
Collocates down with4, player-hate3, roll with3, thick3, fuck with3, brick3, bitch3, chicken2, crew2, dough2, gang2, go off2, TEC2, hit a lick2, Bushwick2, peep out2, posse2, raw2, roll2, spit2, stunt2, thugged-out2, tool2, trump tight2, beef2, bitch2, bout2, dimepiece, dunn, faded, fifth element, fin', flip, four fifth, four pound, game, gangsta rap, gat, ghetto, ghetto, ghost, big up, glocked up, grind, H-town, hate, havin' thangs, hoe, hood rich, I'mma, Illtown, in the mix, Ion, iron, keep it real, lean, lifted, mail, move, murk, New Jeruz, O.G., off the chain, off the heezy, off the hook, off the meat rack, on the low, on wax, pack, paid, paper, plug, po-po, project, punk, QBC, realness, rep, represent, retarded, roll deep, shife, shit, shiznit, shot-caller, slang, slang, soldier, straight up and down, throw down, tote, trick, trife, trill, V.A., whip, word is bond, yay, yo, zooted, bugged-out, Lex, locked, -ass, 187, 6, air out, baller, ballin, bang, bar, beef, bird, bitch, blunted, booyah, bruh, bumrush, caked up, chain, Chi-town, chill, chop, clip, clown, come up, commas, cop, crunk
Derivatives clique up
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the early 1700s
Synonyms crew, squad
Related concepts bumrush, deep, roll deep, roll with

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