Kurtis Blow


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a nightclub
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Collocates make it rain13 thug6 crunk5 thugged-out5 bub5 hoe4 mean-mug4 bitch3 tool3 crew3 cool3 blow3 baby mama3 telly3 figures3 crunked2 hood2 V.I.2 A-town2 pop2 chicken2 Ace of Spades2 tryna2 -ass2 as shit2 grimy2 dump2 fresh2 stunt2 top2 slug2 snub2 mean-mug2 strapped2 Chi-town2 yo2 front2 fiend ⋅ ghetto fit hip-hop fuckboy holla at ya boy homeboy homie hood rich high-saditty hootie hoo hottie ice grill mack ⋅ iced-up max icy mayne MC Lambo nickel loco O ⋅ on point no homo on froze 9 milli dap aight ⋅ air out sack screwface rep ⋅ shorty ⋅ shorty ⋅ shotty show out skeeze slang spray up the Bay skunk toolie tree trife trife weed wet shit ⋅ uz punk throw a set word is bond trey pound trip ride ⋅ rims sprung ⋅ puff ⋅ pine roll deep purp spray ⋅ 7 digits peep around the way booyaka clique up off the chain chop ⋅ bank 20-sack faded turn it out gangsta hip-hop shot-caller I'mma killer player-hate mash out parlay ride ⋅ chill out ⋅ as fuck wheels of steel half-stepping off the heezy ox slizzard swag joint ⋅ it's on crunk juice glizzy blicky hammer ⋅ real ⋅ knock out the box bands j's dub ⋅ chill go hard bug ⋅ 40 ounce turnt up floss yac all about ⋅ AP biatch biatch big-baller ⋅ back in the day Benz billy bang ⋅ blunted ⋅ bopper bout ⋅ brain buck-fifty bumrush chain ⋅ chill clip clucker dap Chuck T's crib flossed out 84's dime game
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1890s
Related concepts chill chill out ⋅ cool ⋅ cool out ⋅ in effect ⋅ in full effect in the cut in the house ⋅ in the mix parlay

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