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the Calliope housing projects in New Orleans, Louisiana
Categories Abbreviations, Locations
Collocates wodie5, represent4, yo3, G2, Magnolia2, uptown2, B, beat, blucka, brah, bust, Cali, Calliope, dog, for real, game, game, ghetto, homie, hood, knuckle up, LBC, Melpomene, N.O., Nolia, pull someone's card, QB, rap, ride, soldier, spliff
Etymology the 'c' and 'p' letters come from Calliope, and the '3' refers to the 3rd Ward
Holonyms N.O.
Synonyms Calio, Calliope
Related concepts bounce, Dirty South, Mac, Magnolia, Melph, Melpomene, Nolia

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