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crack cocaine
Collocates hustle17, corner7, fiend7, slang6, cook5, go hard5, pusher5, dope4, game4, gat4, hood4, move4, rap4, slanger4, back in the day3, coke3, D3, gangbanger3, package3, pack3, powder3, trap3, yac2, 202, brick2, bust2, cat2, clucker2, dime2, flip2, fuck with2, game2, hustle2, I'mma2, Mac2, narc2, on wax2, paper2, po-po2, rap2, rapper2, re-up2, sack2, skunk2, slab2, sling2, spot2, stack2, thug2, tote2, wack2, weed2, weight2, wooler2, -ass, 365, 40 ounce, 6, 9 mill, A1, Ac, ayo, backpacker, bag, bag, bando, beat, beef, bitch, blaze, blaze up, block, blunt, body, Bompton, broccoli, Brooklawn, bust a cap, Calio, candy, check, chronic, chucker, cluck, cock-diesel, cop, crack pipe, crackhead, crew, -iggity, DT, dank, def, dope-fiend, Dutch, ecstasy, ends, fed, fiend, figures, fire, 5-0, four fifth, front, gangsta, gank, gat, ghetto, green, grimy, grind, gun-clapping, herb, heron, hit, hit a lick, homeboy, homie, hood rich, hustle, in the mix, j, Jordans, jook, keep it real, ki, kicks, kilo, la, lac, Lex, loc'd out, loco, MAC-10, mad, mail, max, mayne, Medina, mota, nick, nickel, O.G., O.G., ounce, piff, puff, puff, pump, push, push someone's wig back, pusher, rapping, rap, raw, rep, rhyme, rhyme sayer, RICO, roll, serve, sess, shit, shorty, shotty, sling, smoke, snitch, son, spark up, spliff, Sprewell, stack, straight, syrup, trap, tree, triple beam, true dat, uptown, wack, white, wodie, yay, yo, zip
Domains Cocaine, Drugs
Related concepts A1, base, basehead, blow, cane, coke, crackhead, hundred-pack, hustle, nose candy, perico, powder, slang, sling, snow, soap, trap, V-12, white, white-horse, yayo, yola

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