The Fatback Band


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a group of people formed around a particular interest (e.g. rap, breakdancing, graffiti, etc.);
one's friends
Collocates beef6, posse5, wack5, bust3, club3, dead3, dolo3, down with3, floss3, hoe3, lifted3, MC3, rep3, shout-out3, street3, thick3, tote3, 41st side2, beamer2, bone out2, Bucktown2, bumrush2, chicken2, chill2, corner2, fed2, fly2, gang2, hot2, hot one2, how we do2, I'mma2, in effect2, clique2, mad2, mash out2, murk2, New Jeruz2, nuff2, pack2, Phillie2, rap2, represent2, roll with2, slug2, smoke2, snitch2, spray up2, stack2, trife2, vest2, word up2, -ass, 215, 212, 22, 40, 718, Ac, act like you know, aight, AK, angel dust, Audi, baby mama, back in the day, bag, ball, base, beef, biatch, Benz, blaze, block, booty, boulder, bozack, burner, Calio, chin check, chips, clap, clip, clique up, cook up, cool out, cop, crab, crack, crack pipe, crazy, cuff, D's, dank, dap, Dayton, dead president, deaded, DJ, deuce deuce, dime, diss, diss, dog, dough, down with, dumb out, figures, finna, flavor, four fifth, front, front on, fuck with, fugazi, gat, god, gun-clapper, hater, heat, Henny, herb, hip-hop, holla at, Hollis, hollow-tip, homeboy, hood, hustle, hype, hyphy, iced-out, illy, in the cut, in the mix, j's, keyed, kick, kicks, kill, knot, l, LBC, lead, lean, let off, Lex, L.I., live, long, low-low, Mac, mack, max, mean-mug, Melph, mental, murder, New Jeru, nina, 9, no doubt, O.Z., on swoll, on the d-low, on the regular, one deep, 187, parlay, peace, peace out, pig, Piru, player, player-hate on, plex, pound, powder, pump, punk, Q-Boro, QB, Queensbridge, rapping, represent, rhyme, ride, roll, ruckus, run a train, serve, set, 7 digits, Shaolin, shorty, shorty, shot-caller, sit on, 64, skeezer, slang, sleep on, Smith & Wess, smoke, soldier, spark, spit, squad, static, strapped, street-sweep, stripes, Strong Island, stunt, stunt, sucker, sucker duck, talk shit, TEC, 3-stripe, thugged-out, thug, tight, tool, tree, trife, True, twist, 2, uz, vic, weight, wet, wet up, what it do, what it do, what the dilly, whip, wodie, wick-wack, word is bond, ya heard, yo, Zenith
Synonyms clique, squad
Related concepts gang

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