Point Blank


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a guy
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Collocates I'mma6 keep it real3 yo2 floss on2 god2 go hard2 grind2 murk2 let off2 max2 O.G.2 on lock2 real2 roll2 shotty2 bitch2 baby mama2 baller2 beef2 bitch2 all about2 mail2 double R2 biscuit2 tote2 what's up2 trife2 ya heard2 24-7 313 9 ayo B ⋅ backpack celly check ⋅ cheddar ball ⋅ chicken flip ⋅ steady gangsta holla ⋅ grass holla at ⋅ hollow-point ⋅ homie honey ⋅ H-town hype-man joint ⋅ kick ⋅ how we do Land ⋅ LBC it's on Lex loco long Lorenzo mack daddy MC melon mob ⋅ nickel steelo off the heezy off the hook on lock pen ⋅ play ⋅ props puff ⋅ front fuck with punk Optimo rap rapper round ⋅ shank ⋅ shit ⋅ simp represent shit ⋅ slang fugazi soldier ⋅ hit a lick son stack sleep on stunt sweat ⋅ snub TEC the Bay thug thug triple O.G. vato vest ⋅ weight wet what it do what it is floss maintain for real fully 9 milli G raza shife heater hit ⋅ hustle Nolia raw ⋅ sheisty bust step to ⋅ swag thugged-out what's crackin' fade ⋅ fed fifth wodie murder cuh ⋅ show and prove play ⋅ for real gun-clapper cold ⋅ hood rich cake locster 5-0 chicken glizzy Hi-Tech ⋅ fa sheezy pull someone's card beefing ⋅ trap loosie ⋅ player-hate finna trip peeps pop ⋅ Cris hard put it down bing mopstick locked ⋅ 20 slow your roll bird blicky trife cook ⋅ eightball block boulder brick Brick City ends bruh ⋅ bust a nut correct whip CP3 feel crunk fuck with Cutty deuces dome game hoe cabbage Caddy on the low cat ⋅ dope-boy double O.G.

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