Kurtis Blow


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Collocates long17, stack12, crazy8, on the low7, hoe5, flow5, clock5, rap4, caked up4, 24-74, for sure3, cake3, po-po2, guap2, 642, all about2, bread2, cheese2, clique2, cream2, hit a lick2, hustle2, krill2, mad2, on the grind2, flip2, G2, mail2, yo2, floss2, front2, block, blow up, blow, booty, bozack, brick, bust, candy, chips, cold, crew, dope-boy, eightball, indo, fed, fetti, figures, flip, stunt, A-town, freak, fugazi, 5-0, game, gangbang, go hard, green, grind, H-town, havin' thangs, hella, herb, high-post, hoo-rida, hood, Hot 97, hottie, hustle, iced-out, jock, loco, loot, keep it 100, max, MC, money, money-maker, nahmean, O.Z., on lock, onion, paper, pimp, pimp, pump, push someone's wig back, rapper, re-up, represent, rhyme, ride, rock, roll with, roll, scrilla, shit, simp, Smith & Wess, snow, spit, steady, stick-up kid, strap, trap, trap, trick, trife, triple beam, wannabe, wodie, yay, dro, hold it down, yo, brain, Clover, cop, I'mma, rep, underground, Mo City, chicken, Ac, Air Max, baby mama, bag, battle, bitch
Domains Money
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1850s
Related concepts long, tall

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