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Collocates Cali8, blow5, drank4, Henny4, Calico3, lean2, po-po2, puff2, spliff2, bitch2, weed2, wodie2, X2, zip2, Dutch2, Hen2, on the low2, Backwoods2, hoe2, dough2, sess, Chi-town, chicken, chief, chief, chinchilla, Cris, deuce, dimepiece, elbow, fifth, flake, Fleet, G, go hard, grass, hard, hash, haze, head, hella, hit, hundred-sack, hustle, iced-up, j, lifted, loco, lucci, maintain, 9 milli, O.G., old school, on swoll, on the grind, Optimo, peep, Phillie, pine, proper, puff, push, red hair, reggie, Remy, rep, roll, roll, semi, shorty, shotty, show out, slug, stack, steam, sticky-icky, sweet, twist up, white, Y.O., yay, zooted, muh'fucker, kush, snow, twist, a-alike, Ac, all that, ayo, BX, bag, barre, bend corners, blaze, blow, blunt, brick, bud, burn, Caddy, candy
Domains Drugs, Marijuana
Etymology Derives from hydro
Related words hydroponic

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