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Collocates Cali9, blow7, Calico4, Henny4, drank4, kush3, on the low3, puff2, X2, wodie2, weed2, snow2, spliff2, Dutch2, Backwoods2, bitch2, Hen2, hoe2, lean2, po-po2, purp2, twist2, zip2, dimepiece, dough, elbow, ends, fifth, flake, G, go hard, grass, hard, hash, haze, head, hella, hit, hundred-sack, hustle, iced-up, j, lifted, loco, lucci, maintain, Mo, 9 milli, O.G., old school, on swoll, on the grind, Optimo, out chea, peep, Phillie, pine, proper, puff, purple drank, push, red hair, reggie, Remy, roll, roll, semi, shorty, shotty, show out, slug, stack, steam, sticky-icky, straight, twist up, white, yay, zooted, I'mma, plug, Caddy, candy, Fleet, sweet, BX, rep, Y.O., broccoli, hydro, reefer, chicken, uptown, tote, a-alike, A-town, Ac, all that, Audi 5000, ayo, bag, barre, bend corners, blaze, blow, blunt, brick, bud, burn, sess, Chi-town, chief, chief, chinchilla, Cris, deuce
Domains Drugs, Marijuana
Etymology Derives from hydro
Related words hydroponic

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