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Dayton wire wheels
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Collocates sit on9 ride8 647 triple gold7 floss6 Vogue6 hoe5 candy5 lac5 roll5 Cadillac5 45 Caddy4 bitch4 roll3 ki2 Lex2 slang2 32 hundred spoke2 Bentley2 drop2 tree2 G2 I'mma Lex loc ⋅ low-pro ⋅ low-low on the grind peep projects ride ⋅ rims 6 skeeze slide ⋅ slip ⋅ spinner ⋅ stunt swanga swang ⋅ switch ⋅ 3-wheel to the fullest ⋅ trill twisted ⋅ whip wood-grain yo Zenith Forgis hit switches push creep ⋅ dub ⋅ thug trey ⋅ and shit bag ⋅ bail ⋅ biatch big-ball ⋅ bitch bud ⋅ buster Cali come up ⋅ crew De Ville ⋅ dip ⋅ draulics gangsta H-town homie hood hydraulics

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