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Dayton wire wheels
Collocates ride9, sit on9, 648, lac7, roll7, triple gold7, Vogue7, floss6, Cadillac5, candy5, 45, hoe5, roll5, bitch4, Caddy4, Bentley3, drop3, tree3, cheese2, creep2, dub2, G2, hundred spoke2, ki2, Lex2, roll2, slang2, swerve2, 32, thug2, trey2, 9, and shit, bag, bail, biatch, big-ball, bitch, bud, buster, Cali, come up, cream, crew, Cutty, De Ville, dip, draulics, fin', gangsta, H-town, homie, hood, hydraulics, I'mma, impala, Lex, loc, low-pro, low-low, mob, old school, on the grind, peep, pop, projects, ride, rims, roll with, 6, skeeze, slide, slip, spinner, stunt, swanga, swang, switch, 3-wheel, to the fullest, trill, twisted, whip, whip, wood-grain, yo, Zenith, Forgis
Etymology Derives from Dayton
Related concepts 4, 84, low-rider, skate, True, Vogue, Zenith
Related words Daytona

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