Beastie Boys


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Collocates weed6 roll4 dope3 coke3 hoe2 Benzo2 show out2 bomb ⋅ cat ⋅ check ⋅ crack crack rock fiend ⋅ flip ⋅ fly green grind heron hustle ill ⋅ indo lean serve ⋅ stone ⋅ syrup ⋅ thug trip wet X X.O. z ⋅ e Lex Hennessy ⋅ yac angel dust bag ⋅ bitch blow
Derivatives e X
Domains Drugs
Etymology from the mid-1980s
Shout-outs Big Macs Kool-Aid Patrón Pepsi SBC Skittles
Synonyms e molly thizz X

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