Too $hort


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Collocates Benz20, stack16, clock8, skins6, bitch5, weed5, rims4, all about3, dope3, hit3, hoe3, mad3, pen3, steady3, trick3, trip3, about2, and shit2, block2, Caddy2, cop2, fetti2, finna2, roll2, spot2, 24-7, eightball, all about, back in the day, baller, bend corners, big-ball, break off, bust, buster, cat, cavi, chickenhead, chicken, chill, connect, cook, crack, cream, cuff, dog, dope, down with, dro, floss, freak, front, front, fuck with, game, gat, ghetto, ghetto, head, Hen, homie, honey-dip, hood, hustle, hustler, hustle, I'mma, jack, Lambo, Lex, loot, M.O.B., mail, mob, move, nappy, on the daily, on the real, on the regular, ounce, paper, peeps, pop, props, QB, rap, represent, rhyme, roll out, roll up, scrilla, shot-caller, show out, slang, slug, snaps, spit, squab, St. Ides, stack up, stash, straight, tall, thug, Timbs, trap, trick off, trife, weight, wodie, yay
Domains Money
Etymology perhaps from to make ends meet
Related concepts long, tall

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