E&J Brandy
E&J Brandy

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1999-01-05 Lootpack "Episodes" feat. Declaime, God's Gift, Kazi, Medaphoar, Oh No [Soundpieces: Da Antidote!]
Sippin on the E&J and smoking blunts stuffed with Hawaiian chronic
1993-03-19 Geto Boys "Murder After Midnight" [Till Death Do Us Part]
A fifth of E&J to get this shit right
1997-04-15 Artifacts "To Ya Chest" [That's Them]
The end knot mixin E&J with soda keeps me geeked up
2002-06-25 E-40 "The Slap" [Grit & Grind]
Drinkin and gurpin, E&J brand burpin