Spike Lee
Spike Lee

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2015-07-17 Future "Thought It Was a Drought" [DS2]
Dirty soda, Spike Lee, white girl, iced tea, fully loaded AP, yeah
2016-09-30 DJ Cortez & Rico Recklezz "Recklezz Flow, Pt. 2" [Realer Than Wordz 2]
This the real chiraq and I'm Spike Lee
2010-07-30 Bliss N Eso "Smoke Like A Fire" feat. RZA [Running On Air]
It's Crooklyn, do the right thing like Spike Lee
2005-01-24 The Game "Westside Story" feat. 50 Cent [The Documentary]
I might be Spike Lee of this gun clappin
2016-11-27 HoodRich Pablo Juan & Jose Guapo "Lean on Me" [Million Dollar Plugs 2]
Spike the Fanta, spiked Loubs, Spike Lee