Beastie Boys


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a guy;
specifically, a latino gangster
Categories Terms Of Address
Collocates loco4, gang2, I'mma2, keep it real2, roll2, weight2, barrio, blood, break it down, cholo, Crip, dap, dope, down, down with, hit switches, holmes, loco, low-rider, mob, move, on the grind, on the real, PJs, player-hate, put it down, simon, slug, South Central, spit, straight, strap, throwed, yo
Domains Crime, Spanish, Violence
Etymology from Spanish ése, literally "that one"
Synonyms B, cholo, dog, G, gangsta, god, homeboy, homegirl, homie, loc, mayne, son, vato, wodie
Related concepts raza

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