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a 1/5 gallon measure (of liquor)
Categories Quantities
Collocates yac11, Henny4, bitch2, Hen2, Hennessy2, indo2, like a boss2, lac, Alizé, bammer, bent, blunt, chill, chronic, Crip, dap, dog, dro, finna, four fifth, go hard, grill, hard, homegrown, homie, hustle, in the wind, killer, lid, mota, nickel sack, nickel, on one, on the grind, Optimo, piff, pump, Remy, scrilla, shit, smooth, soldier, spliff, weed, X.O., yay, yo
Domains Alcohol
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1930s
Related concepts bent, booted, faded, fucked up, laced-up, throwed, twisted, zooted

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