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Collocates stack14 clock11 flip5 bout4 -ass3 all about3 bitch3 bitch3 club3 digits3 rap3 steady3 check2 cook2 down2 ghetto2 grind2 hoe2 I'mma2 jigga2 keep it real2 long2 player2 roll with2 roll2 Swisher2 thug2 tryna2 weight2 yo2 Rari about ⋅ all about ⋅ ayo baby mama bag up ⋅ baller ⋅ ball ⋅ block boo break off ⋅ brick buck ⋅ bust cake cat ⋅ check ⋅ cheese clap ⋅ coke ⋅ cool ⋅ crack crew dope dough flip ⋅ flossed out flow four fifth fuck with G game gangsta gangsta get your ____ on ghetto glock god hood hood hook-up ⋅ hustle hustle jack ⋅ kicks mad metal ⋅ mill ⋅ move on the grind peace ⋅ peep platinum ⋅ push rapper raw ⋅ real ⋅ represent scrilla shady ⋅ slip ⋅ spitter ⋅ stack up ⋅ stack step ⋅ straight stress ⋅ sucker swoll ⋅ tall ⋅ trap trip
Etymology from the sense of figures typically modified by a number, as in "The salary was six figures"
Synonyms bank bread broccoli cabbage cake celery cheddar cheese chips commas cream decimals digits dinero dough ends feta fetti gouda green guac guacamole guap lettuce lucci luchini mail pape paper papes root of evil scrill scrilla snaps trap yaper

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