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Collocates stack15, clock10, flip5, steady4, bitch4, digits3, -ass3, bout3, roll with2, rap2, player2, spitter2, mad2, jigga2, all about2, bitch2, bust2, cat2, club2, cook2, down2, weight2, ghetto2, hoe2, hustle2, yo2, thug2, gat, get your ____ on, ghetto, glock, god, grind, hard, hood, hook-up, hustle, hustler, keep it real, kicks, lead, metal, on the grind, peace, peep, platinum, rapper, real, represent, roll, scrilla, shady, slip, stack up, stack, step, straight, stress, Swisher, swoll, tall, trap, trip, I'mma, Rari, push, flossed out, about, all about, ayo, baby mama, baller, ball, block, boo, break off, brick, buck, check, cheese, clap, coke, crack, crew, dope, dough, flip, flow, four fifth, fuck with, G, gangsta, gangsta
Etymology from the sense of figures typically modified by a number, as in "The salary was six figures"
Related concepts long, tall

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