King Tee


auxiliary verb
Published on
about to
Collocates bitch9, block3, hoe3, lac2, act a fool2, come up2, flow2, gat2, hit a lick2, mayne2, ride2, 64, beef, biatch, bitch, bomb, buck-wild, bug, Cali, check, clip, clique, cop, creep, D, dog, e, earl, fetti, freak, front, fuck with, game, Hennessy, homie, hustle, kush, mail, mill, mine, murder, paper, put it down, roll, roll, Rover, shorty, soft, spit, telly, trick, trip, what it do, yo, I'mma, tool, Calico, let off, round, shot, D's
Etymology from a colloquial pronunciation of fixin' to
Related concepts it's on, tryna
Related words finna
Rhymes begin, spin, When

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