auxiliary verb
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about to
Collocates act a fool3, bitch3, hit a lick3, block2, hoe2, stack2, lac, Rari, 310, 5-0, A-town, Benz, biatch, blades, break off, bust, bust, bust a nut, check, cheese, chill, chips, chop, chrome, clip, crew, crunked up, dank, diss, dog, dome, drop, dump, ends, fifth, fire, gauge, get your ____ on, ghostride, gram, H-town, hella, ill, impala, in the cut, jock, jump off, kick, kush, lean, locs, Mad Dog, mail, mob, murk, off that, off the chain, on wax, pack, plex, plug, pop, pusher man, put it down, roll out, rubber band, shit, shotty, slug, squeeze, static, strap, street, stunt, sweat, Swisher, telly, throw shade, top, trey, trick, turn it out, twisted, twerk, wanksta, whip, wig, wild out, and shit, fed
Etymology from a colloquial pronunciation of fixin' to
Related concepts it's on, tryna
Related words fin'

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