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unique style;
Collocates kick29, mad9, paper7, check5, hater5, rapper4, yo4, old school3, rhyme3, cat3, gangsta3, feel3, underground3, peep3, no doubt2, gangsta2, aight2, crew2, in the mix2, in the house2, Kool-Aid2, game2, represent2, swag2, -iggity2, player2, drop2, flow, for sure, fuck with, game, gang, gators, ghost, herb, hip-hop, I'mma, ill, ill, jam, L.I., label, MC, mellow, new school, O.G., on point, chulo, peel someone's cap, pen, played-out, rapping, rock, roll, sidepiece, simp, snatch, stack, step off, sucker, thug, tight, tryna, uptown, word is bond, word up, deaded, street, -ass, chill, god, rap, shorty, ayo, b-boy, bang, beamer, beef, bitch, bite, blaze, block, bomb, boss, bust, crazy, cream, dope, dunn, Dutch, fiend, flex, floss
Synonyms steelo, steez, swag, swagger

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