The Sugarhill Gang


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Categories Accolades, Also Animal
Collocates bitch7, -ass6, fresh4, hoe3, kicks3, hella2, hoo-ride2, mad2, parlay2, rims2, swag2, block2, whip2, word up2, crazy2, floss2, as fuck2, as shit2, threads2, crew2, def2, yo2, gators2, fine, 40 ounce, freak, front, fuckboy, gangsta, gank, guap, H-town, hard, hardcore, hyna, Hollis, homeboy, homegirl, hood, hood rich, hooptie, indo, jawn, juice, keep it real, kick, lac, laced-up, lick, low-low, locs, low-rider, no homo, pimp, pimp, pusher, push, re-up, retarded, rhyme, rhyme, ride, rip, rock, roll, roll, Rolls Royce, run game on, saditty, sawed-off, shit, shit, sit on, skank, skeezer, skins, spark, spit, spot, spray, steady, swang, Swisher, thizz, V.I., weed, whip, word, word is bond, I'mma, squally, yo, chicken, stunt, tryna, Eagle, Cuban link, 5-0, 84's, 45, 9, 'jects, ride, booty, clock, crazy, holla, 365, Ac, ayo, B.I., bae, bling, bopper, brick, bud, bust, cavi, chain, chinchilla, chronic, Crooked I, crunked up, Dayton, digits, dime, dope, down with, ecstasy
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1870s
Synonyms bangin, bumpin, cavi, crunk, def, dirty, dope, fresh, hot, hype, ill, jiggy, laced, laced-up, phat, pimp, proper, slammin, tight
Rhymes by2, B-I, Crooked I, guys, high, rhyme, sky, tight, 365, V-I

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