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four pound

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a .45 caliber handgun
Categories Numbers, Weapons
Collocates tote7, pack6, glock4, 93, trey pound3, bust2, 12-gauge2, block2, Mac2, booyah, Brownsville, bust, chrome, clique, corner, creep, Desert Eagle, dome, dump, flip, flow, game, gat, god, hold it down, hollow, hood, hoodie, hustle, I'mma, ill, iron, let off, 9 milli, off the hook, ounce, paper, peep, Phillie, pop, represent, rip, roll up, set, shell, shorty, shot, shotty, Smith & Wess, son, spit, squeeze, strap, Swisher, TEC-9, thug, trey deuce, trip, uzi, vest, work, Zoe Pound, let off, round, spray, TEC, 44, AK, B, beef, bitch, blunt
Derivatives four pounder
Etymology perhaps from a 20th century slang sense of pound meaning $5
Related concepts 22, 38, 380, 45, blast, bust off, cap, clap, -matic, pop off, spit, spray, toast
Related words trey pound

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