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four pound

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a .45 caliber handgun
Categories Numbers, Weapons
Collocates tote7, pack6, trey pound4, glock4, 94, bust2, 12-gauge2, block2, TEC2, spray2, Mac2, 44, corner, creep, Desert Eagle, flip, flow, game, gat, god, hold it down, hollow, homie, hoodie, hustle, ill, iron, let off, 9 milli, ounce, paper, peep, pop, represent, rip, shell, shorty, shot, shotty, slug, Smith & Wess, son, spit, spit, squeeze, strap, Swisher, TEC-9, thug, trip, uzi, vest, work, off the hook, roll up, set, Zoe Pound, I'mma, chrome, dome, Phillie, Brownsville, trey deuce, hood, dump, ayo, AK, B, beef, bitch, blunt, booyah, bust, clique, clown
Derivatives four pounder
Etymology perhaps from a 20th century slang sense of pound meaning $5
Related concepts 22, 38, 380, 45, blast, bust off, cap, clap, -matic, pop off, spit, spray, toast
Related words trey pound

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