Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five


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Collocates kicks8, fit7, j's6, threads5, def5, rhyme4, crazy4, club3, fly3, bitch3, beat3, block3, Lorenzo2, rep2, rims2, rock2, spank2, tight2, in the mix2, guap2, chicken2, dope2, -ass2, MC2, locs2, loot2, grown, hella, holmes, homie, hood, hood, hustler, ill, jam, joint, lettuce, Lex, long, mack, on the regular, pack, piff, projects, push, put it down, rap, rock, roll, roll, Rover, scratch, shit, skully, slug, spit, steelo, stunt, stupid, sure shot, swag, Timbs, to the max, True, wanksta, wet up, word up, yo, yo, Caddy, Rari, twomp-sack, dick, froze, 5-0, hoe, bust, 24-7, 64, as fuck, as shit, baguette, Benzo, biatch, bite, bling, bubblegoose, bust, cavi, cavi, chain, Chuck Taylors, cold, Dayton, deuces, DJ, dookie, dope-boy, down with, fade, flat-top, G
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1970s
Rhymes def2, mess, Nevertheless

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