Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five


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Collocates kicks9, fit8, j's6, def6, threads6, crazy5, in the mix5, Timbs4, bubblegoose4, rhyme4, fly4, beat3, MC3, bitch3, block3, club3, -ass3, chain2, d-boy2, Lorenzo2, rock2, rims2, rep2, loot2, chicken2, dope2, guap2, Lex2, Rover2, tight2, spank2, locs2, hoe, holmes, homie, hood, hood, hustler, ill, jam, joint, lettuce, long, mack, on the regular, pack, piff, projects, push, put it down, rap, rock, roll, roll, scratch, shit, skully, slug, spit, steelo, stunt, stupid, sure shot, swag, to the max, True, twomp-sack, wanksta, word up, yo, yo, Chuck T's, wet up, Rari, 24-7, 64, as fuck, as shit, baguette, Benzo, biatch, bite, bling, bust, bust, Caddy, cavi, cavi, Chuck Taylors, cold, Dayton, deuces, dick, DJ, dookie, dope-boy, down with, fade, 5-0, flat-top, froze, G, grown, hella
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1970s

Origins of Cited Artists