Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five


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Collocates fit7 kicks5 rhyme5 crazy4 def4 j's4 fly3 threads3 Air2 beat2 bitch2 block2 chain2 chicken2 club2 dope2 guap2 locs2 loot2 Lorenzo2 Loubs2 Louis2 MC2 rep2 rims2 rock2 tight2 Rari -ass 24-7 baguette ⋅ Benzo bite ⋅ bling bust bust Caddy cavi central booking Chuck Taylors cold ⋅ cop creps deuces dick ⋅ DJ ⋅ dookie down with ⋅ 5-0 froze G grown ⋅ hella hoe holmes ⋅ homie hood hood ill ⋅ in the mix jam ⋅ joint ⋅ lettuce Lex long on the regular pack peep out ⋅ piff projects push put it down rap rock roll Rover scratch ⋅ shit ⋅ skully slug spank spit steelo stupid ⋅ sure shot ⋅ swag to the max True twomp-sack wanksta word up ⋅ yo yo
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the 1970s
Synonyms cavi crunk def dope hot hype John Blaze John Blazed John Blazin off the chain off the heezy off the hizzle off the hizzy off the hook on point peng spank tight

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