Too $hort

get your ____ on

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to proceed with ____;
to pursue ____;
to become ____
Collocates hustle7 freak3 grown3 fetti2 finna2 game2 bitch2 loc'd2 locs2 player2 thug2 loot2 bling2 club2 dog down ⋅ fed figures floss flow for sure ⋅ freak ⋅ front gangsta gat ghost hoe homie hot I'mma jump off ⋅ ki l LBC loc ⋅ mack ⋅ mail MC mean-mug O.G. on swoll ounce ⋅ pound ⋅ rap rap represent ride ⋅ rolly roll roscoe Sac-town scratch ⋅ shot-caller slug strap ⋅ swag talk shit ⋅ throw up ⋅ tight tree trife 20-sack bail ⋅ South Central ⋅ grind paper 83's 9 baller ⋅ bring ⋅ chill chronic ⋅ commas Compton ⋅ cop crack crew
Shout-outs Charlie Parker Hell Marc Jacobs

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