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a handgun
Categories Possessions, Weapons
Collocates tote37, 4022, block13, 913, pop7, rock7, spot6, pack6, let off6, clip5, vest5, bitch4, blaow4, Calico4, drop4, mayne4, sawed-off4, AK4, ox3, 643, bust3, cop3, Eagle3, four pound3, gangsta3, chopper3, slug3, hood3, ox3, round3, spit3, guap2, shot2, sack2, pop2, hater2, hooptie2, hit switches2, shit2, strapped2, toolie2, K2, nina2, l2, MAC-102, wodie2, thug2, thugged-out2, TEC2, stack2, spray2, scrilla2, on lock2, 442, chips2, coke2, 5-02, heater, Hennessy, homie, hoodie, ice, in the cut, indo, Jacob, 'jects, knock boots, knot, knot, Mac, mad, mark, max, Medina, nuff, oowop, politic, pop off, post up, projects, props, puff, retarded, rhyme, rock, rocked up, rocks, roll, serve, set, shorty, sherm, slang, son, spark, spit, spit, spray up, squeeze, squeeze, stash spot, strap, stunt, swang, Swayze, thick, trap, trey eight, trill, trip, 2, weed, weight, yo, yo, 9 mill, blast, buck, chrome, Desert E, figures, gat, hollow-point, let off, on fleek, out of pocket, ride, sit on, slang, spark, straight up, Rari, -ass, hundred spoke, 24-7, 38, 40, 5000, 8, 9 milli, all about, automatic, barre, Benz, blast, blaze, bling, bool, break off, breezy, brick, bring, buck, buckshot, buster, bust a cap, bust, candy, Chi-town, chop, chrome, click-clack, click, clip, cock-block, crackhead, crazy, DT, Desert Eagle, diesel, digits, diss, dome, drop-top, fed, floss, fa sheezy, four fifth, fuck with, G, G-ride, game, gang, gauge, ghetto, go off, head
Derivatives glocked up
Domains Proprietary
Related concepts 44, 9, 9 mm, nina

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