Too $hort

go hard

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to make a great effort, especially with aggression or violence;
to endeavour
Collocates I'mma12, bitch6, hoe6, squad6, crack5, dog5, shit5, hustler4, on the grind4, bitch3, club3, green3, grind3, hood3, mine3, rapper3, yo3, ball2, cat2, corner2, dunn2, floss2, flow2, god2, hater2, homie2, paper2, play2, rap2, rap2, shit2, shorty2, soft2, spit2, 808, A and R, as fuck, B, beat, Benz, black, block, blow, boo, brain, cake, Cali, cheese, cop, cream, crib, dank, diss, dope, dough, dro, fam, fifth, for sure, for real, G, game, game, gangsta, gangsta rap, get busy, go off, gram, hammer, hard, hard, hate on, hip-hop, hit, hold it down, homeboy, hustle, jam, joint, lac, maintain, narc, nina, on wax, out of pocket, player, project, punk, rapping, rep, rep, represent, roll, sack, scrilla, shot, snitch, snow, soft, son, spot, stack, stack, stunt, sucker, thoed, thot, throw up, thug, thug, to the fullest, tree, tryna, wack, whip, wodie, yay, yo, fed
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