Too $hort

go hard

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to make a great effort, especially with aggression or violence;
to endeavour
Collocates I'mma7 squad6 bitch5 shit5 hoe4 crack4 green3 club3 dog3 corner2 dunn2 floss2 hustler2 play2 hater2 shorty2 shit2 rap2 cat2 Benz black ⋅ boo brain cake Cali cop crib diss dough dro for sure ⋅ for real G game game gangsta gram ⋅ hate on ⋅ hip-hop hit ⋅ hold it down homeboy hustle jam ⋅ maintain nina on wax out of pocket player project rapping ⋅ rep ⋅ represent scrilla shot snitch ⋅ snow soft ⋅ son spot ⋅ stack stunt thoed ⋅ thot throw up ⋅ thug thug to the fullest ⋅ wack wodie yay yo fed as shit H.N.I.C. ride ⋅ scrill stunt on the grind bitch hood mine ⋅ rapper yo flow god homie paper rap soft ⋅ spit 808 A and R ⋅ as fuck B ⋅ beat
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