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a guy;
a friend;
occasionally referring to oneself
Categories Terms Of Address
Collocates word is bond7, Medina6, yo6, chill4, dog3, spliff2, ayo2, flavor2, trife2, go hard2, on point2, peace2, peace2, for real, hella, iced-up, Jamaica, keep it real, kick, laced, loco, mill, mine, murder, murk, no doubt, paper, parlay, PJs, push, rap, real, roll with, Shaolin, sheisty, slammin, sleep on, spit, steez, strapped, trick, V.I., whip, word is born, I'mma, squad, dome, push, double R, tool, four pound, baby mama, bitch, bling, bomb, bug, cipher, crew, dope, down with, figures, flex
Domains Five Percent
Etymology after a Five-Percent Nation teaching
Synonyms B, dog, G, homeboy, homegirl, homie, loc, mayne, son, wodie
Rhymes hard, squad

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