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a detractor
Categories Insults
Collocates flavor5, buster4, player3, tote3, trip3, bar3, break off3, cock-block3, hate3, green2, heat2, on the low2, floss on2, murk2, swag2, tryna2, 9 milli2, chain2, game2, glock2, mean-mug2, regulator2, simp2, stack2, the vapors2, go hard2, drop, Dutch, fade, fall off, 44, frostbit, fuck with, game, Garcia Vega, gators, glocked up, got, H-town, hard, havin' thangs, herb, hood, hoodie, hustler, icy, it's all good, kick, knuck, knuckle up, Kool-Aid, label, let off, loud, mad, mail, mark, mayne, nina ross, off the hook, on lock, on one, paper, peep out, plex, po-po, projects, rift, roll with, set, shook, shorty, skrt, slang, slow your roll, snatch, soldier, squad, stomp, strap, sucker, swag, swanga, the Bay, throw, toast, trick, trife, true dat, vest, what the dilly, whip, and shit, fed, presidential, rolly, 5-0, sheisty, bopper, ice grill, in the mix, pop, throw shade, -ass, 187, 20, 3-stripe, 365, 40, A.T.L., baller, blaow, cake, peel someone's cap, chill, chip, club, cock-blocker, Crentley, crew, dap, deuces, double R
Etymology Derives from hate
Synonyms player-hater
Related concepts fuck with, plexer, talk jazz, talk shit
Related words player-hate

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