Cypress Hill


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a detractor
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Collocates flavor5 buster4 bar3 break off3 cock-block3 hate3 player3 tote3 trip3 chain2 floss on2 game2 glock2 go hard2 green2 heat2 mean-mug2 murk2 9 milli2 on the low2 regulator2 simp2 stack2 swag2 the vapors2 tryna2 -ass 187 20 3-stripe 365 40 5-0 A.T.L. and shit baller ⋅ Beretta blaow bopper cake peel someone's cap chill chip ⋅ club cock-blocker Crentley crew dap deuces double R drop Dutch fade ⋅ fed fall off ⋅ 44 ⋅ frostbit fuck with game Garcia Vega gators glizzy glocked up got H-town hard havin' thangs herb hood hoodie hustler ice grill icy in the mix it's all good kick ⋅ knuck knuckle up Kool-Aid label ⋅ let off loud mad mail mark ⋅ mayne nina ross off the hook on lock on one paper peep out ⋅ plex po-po pop ⋅ presidential projects rift ⋅ roll with rolly set ⋅ sheisty shook ⋅ shorty ⋅ skrt slang slow your roll snatch ⋅ soldier ⋅ squad stomp ⋅ strap ⋅ sucker swag swanga the Bay throw ⋅ throw shade toast trick ⋅ trife true dat vest ⋅ what the dilly whip

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