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a gun
Categories Metonyms, Weapons
Collocates pack14, slang5, on the low3, strapped3, beef3, deep2, hater2, mad2, nuff2, roll with2, thug2, yo2, clap2, bust2, pop2, clip2, bumrush, burner, bust a cap, Caddy, chrome, creep, crew, delf, dome-piece, dust, flow, G, ghetto, gun-clapper, hella, herb, homie, hood, mayne, mean-mug, metal, narc, no doubt, on point, ounce, PCP, phat, Phillie, pimp, posse, projects, rapper, re-up, rep, rhyme, ride, roll up, roll out, roscoe, shit, skeet, slip, slow your roll, slug, smoke, smoke, snitch, snub, son, stash spot, steam, step to, stick-up kid, sucker, the A, 3 pound, thugged-out, toast, toast, tote, touch, trife, triple gold, tryna, wig, word is bond, Y.G., Fleetwood, let off, peeps, shot, steady, street-sweep, street-sweep, player-hate, -ass, 38, 64, Ac, as shit, biscuit, bitch, blast, block, blow, bolo, booyah, bread, bubblegoose, buck
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