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a gun
Categories Metonyms Weapons
Collocates tote22 pack15 dump4 peeps3 strapped3 clip3 hood3 let off3 on the low3 slang3 dump3 beef3 bust3 clap3 deep3 thug2 yo2 biscuit2 blast2 creep2 homie2 mad2 hater2 pop2 roll with2 shot2 ghetto herb lick ⋅ mayne metal ⋅ narc no doubt ⋅ on point ounce ⋅ PCP ⋅ phat ⋅ Phillie ⋅ player-hate projects punk re-up rep ⋅ rhyme ride ⋅ roll up ⋅ roll out roscoe round ⋅ shit ⋅ skeet ⋅ slip ⋅ slow your roll slug smoke ⋅ smoke ⋅ snub son stash spot ⋅ steady steam ⋅ step to ⋅ stick-up kid street-sweep street-sweep sucker the A three pound thugged-out toast toast trife triple gold tryna word is bond Y.G. locked ⋅ shit ⋅ cold ⋅ jammy O.G. Chiraq ride ⋅ nuff -ass 38 ⋅ 40 side 64 Ac as shit beef bitch bitch block bolo booyah bread bubblegoose buck ⋅ burner bust a cap corner ⋅ crew delf double R dust ⋅ Eagle Fleetwood
Domains Temperature
Synonyms bammer biscuit booyaka burner gat heater iron jammy llama ratchet roscoe steel toast tool toolie whistle

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