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Hennessy cognac
Collocates Remy7 fifth5 dro4 bent3 doja3 X.O.3 Mo2 semi2 hydro2 Alizé2 soldier2 Dutch2 bust chain ⋅ club crew Cristal ⋅ flake ghetto hammer ⋅ hood in the cut knot l loc ⋅ mash out O.E. ⋅ on the daily on the low out of pocket parlay pop ⋅ project purp roll roll up ⋅ scrilla sess shotty 64 sizzurp skunk Smith & Wess smoke ⋅ spark ⋅ spray ⋅ Swayze Swisher TEC thai ⋅ throwed ⋅ thug tree weed wild out ⋅ Belve chicken thug passion 40 Audi ayo B ⋅ beat billy blow ⋅ blunt bub
Domains Alcohol Proprietary
Shout-outs 50 Cent B-Mo Coca-Cola Colt 45 Cuervo Grey Goose Halle Berry Listerine Patrón Tanqueray

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