Geto Boys

hit switches

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to trigger hydraulic features on a low-rider, causing it to rise and fall
Categories Cars
Collocates 6411, low-low3, 3-wheel3, dip3, drop-top2, hydraulics2, Dayton2, Caddy2, lac2, I'mma2, bitch2, 42, block2, fully, gangsta, gangsta, glock, hit a lick, hood-rat, how we do, jacker, low-ride, player-hate, pop, ride, rock, roll deep, roll, sit on, serve, swanga, 3, tip, trick, whip, white-wall, what's crackin', Cad, D's, ride, floss, 20, 213, barrio, bend corners, bitch, bopper, bump, candy, cholo, creep, Crenshaw, ese
Domains Driving, Style
Etymology Derives from switch
Related concepts 3-wheel, low-low, low-ride, low-rider, tip
Rhymes tip, bitches

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