LL Cool J


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a woman, especially a prostitute;
occasionally, a contemptible man
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Collocates bitch21 out of pocket13 -ass10 telly9 cuff9 biatch8 baby mama8 on the low8 cock7 show out6 trife6 stunt6 skanless6 project6 pimp6 loco6 neck5 swag5 mack5 dough5 Calico5 bozack5 Vogue5 fuck with5 tryna5 pimp4 D's4 5-04 go hard4 hit4 hood4 peep out4 pimp4 Benzo4 po-po4 rolly4 644 skeeze4 straight4 hood-rat4 simp4 fly3 G3 indo3 Optimo3 scrill3 simp3 snow3 weed3 what it do3 Chiraq3 fine3 dime3 dimepiece3 cuff3 crew3 club3 chronic3 chips3 hit a lick3 Caddy3 bruh3 homie3 bitch3 443 Rari3 guap3 roll3 flow3 froze2 muh'fuckin2 A.T.L.2 block2 blow2 blow2 blunt2 bust2 Chi-town2 chill2 cock-block2 commas2 CPT2 dap2 dead president2 doja2 dro2 drop2 ends2 hot2 I'mma2 low-low2 ounce2 peep2 player-hate2 roll2 run a train2 sheisty2 skeezer2 sucker2 yo2 hoochie2 hustler2 havin' thangs2 'jects2 long2 mack2 mail2 Medina2 nathan2 on lock2 on the low low2 pimp2 rapper2 ratchet2 ride2 run game on2 saditty2 shife2 shorty2 slab2 slang2 straight up2 strap2 swing low2 thuggish2 tool2 trip2 True2 turnt2 wet2 X2 X.O.2 the Bay2 ecstasy2 front on2 get over on2 janky2 freak2 Audi2 blow2 chicken2 creep2 fetti2 for real2 H-town2 mayne2 on the regular2 rep on2 stack2 thug2 trap2 weight2 baller2 bust a nut2 for sure2 player-hating2 triple gold2 money-maker2 make it rain2 figures2 fin2 nat nat2 sweat ⋅ thot thugged-out trick ⋅ xan Cadillac ⋅ chicken cholo chrome clown ⋅ corner ⋅ crack pipe Crenshaw Crentley dap deuces dip ⋅ down ⋅ dub ⋅ duck sick dump e fatty fire flex ⋅ floss floss on freak ⋅ fresh front fuckboy G G gangsta gangsta gank Garcia Vega gat geah ⋅ geeked out get with ⋅ got got 5 on it grind half-step hate ⋅ hater high-post high-saditty hood rich house ⋅ hype iced-up ill ⋅ Ion keep it real kush Lambo leather ⋅ locs locster lucci luchini Mac mack ⋅ mack daddy mad make moves ⋅ mash out molly nickel Nolia on swoll on the grind on the under oowop package ⋅ paid fatty pigeon ⋅ play ⋅ plexer pop ⋅ powder projects push rack Range ⋅ rapping ⋅ rap Remy ⋅ rep ⋅ ride ⋅ ride ⋅ rims roll roll roll on roll roscoe Rover scrilla saditty seed ⋅ set ⋅ 7 digits shife shit ⋅ shotty skrt skull slab slide ⋅ slip ⋅ smoke ⋅ snaps spark up spit spliff spray ⋅ Sprewell squab ⋅ steelo step off ⋅ stress ⋅ studio gangsta swerve ⋅ the vapors throwed ⋅ time toast tote trap trap house triflin ⋅ True turn it out twerk ⋅ V.A. wack white white line wodie 40 put it down Clover chin check shot stab out bolo A-town glizzy green leaf thick ⋅ 3-wheel opp seckle 20 lac jock ⋅ 420 murk bool booty ⋅ bopper bop bougie ⋅ Cali nickel bag AK ⋅ bend corners drop it like it's hot government cheese off the heezy around the way 6 blow up ⋅ bumba claat chain ⋅ clown on cock-block come up ⋅ Crenshaw Dayton draulics fed forty deuce gangsta rap hellafied in full effect knock boots Mac max mean-mug no homo O.G. play ⋅ re-up shit ⋅ snitch ⋅ the A turnt up 9 bent ⋅ trill fiend ⋅ cuddy cut up badunkadunk bumrush cabbage coochie ⋅ go off in the cut on the daily rock sleep on yo dog dope crunk correct cold ⋅ coke ⋅ freaky ⋅ baby mama drama celery Ian 411 504 9 millimeter ⋅ A1 Ac Audi 5000 BM bag ⋅ bands bar beef bling boo bow ⋅ brain bread brick broccoli bummy ⋅ bumrush bust down bust finna gators jock ⋅ Lex old school pimp ⋅ playa-made skeeze
Synonyms biatch ratchet

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