LL Cool J


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a woman, especially a prostitute;
occasionally, a contemptible man
Collocates bitch24, cuff12, -ass10, on the low10, baby mama9, biatch9, telly9, cock8, swag8, project7, out of pocket7, pimp7, make it rain6, loco6, trife6, skanless6, fuck with6, Benzo6, pimp6, 5-06, go hard6, stunt6, hit5, Vogue5, 645, club5, po-po5, peep out5, show out5, Calico5, hood-rat5, dough5, bozack5, simp4, simp4, dimepiece4, mack4, flow4, player-hate4, straight4, roll4, rolly4, G4, dime4, H-town4, pimp4, hood4, tryna4, low-low4, skeeze4, stack3, weed3, Optimo3, yo3, what it do3, baller3, fine3, jock3, ends3, fin'3, cuff3, creep3, Chi-town3, blow3, 443, I'mma3, bitch3, coke3, chronic3, sheisty3, indo3, run a train3, scrill3, skeezer3, ounce3, fly3, guap3, rep on3, snow3, hit a lick3, hot3, Rari3, peep3, roll3, block3, Caddy3, bruh3, sucker3, chips3, rapper2, mail2, long2, Clover2, A-town2, for sure2, max2, ratchet2, chicken2, shife2, mayne2, dap2, drop2, finna2, X2, thot2, 92, blow2, D2, commas2, weight2, slang2, dead president2, shot-caller2, cock-block2, tool2, 'jects2, D's2, froze2, bust2, 4202, A.T.L.2, Audi2, blow2, blunt2, bolo2, bust a nut2, chill2, chin check2, cold2, correct2, CPT2, Crenshaw2, crew2, crunk2, dog2, doja2, dope2, dro2, fetti2, fiend2, figures2, for real2, freak2, front on2, gang2, gators2, get over on2, havin' thangs2, homie2, hoochie2, hustler2, in full effect2, jock2, Lex2, mack2, Medina2, nathan2, old school2, on lock2, on the low low2, on the regular2, pimp2, pimp2, player-hating2, playa-made2, punk2, what it is2, represent2, ride2, around the way2, run game on2, saditty2, shorty2, skeeze2, slab2, straight up2, strap2, sweat2, swing low2, thug2, thugged-out2, thuggish2, trick2, triple gold2, trip2, True2, turnt2, wet2, X.O.2, xan2, keep it real, cheese, cholo, chrome, clique, clock, clown on, clown, cluck-head, janky, cock-block, come up, coochie, cop, crack pipe, Crenshaw, cuddy, green leaf, in the cut, bopper, make moves, mash out, play, ill, skull, iced-up, draulics, hype, let off, house, half-step, gangsta, hottie, hood rich, fade, bend corners, roll, roll on, Crentley, bent, steady, Ian, Ion, bling, go off, high-post, get with, hellafied, hater, hate, grip, geah, gat, Garcia Vega, gank, gangsta, G, G, fugazi, fuckboy, freak, freak, 40 ounce, flex, fire, fatty, bust down, Cadillac, Dayton, chain, cut up, dap, blow up, projects, dis, set, white line, high-saditty, blunted, floss, cabbage, corner, drop it like it's hot, tip, pigeon, deep, Forgis, forty deuce, yo, front, gangsta rap, geeked up, smoke, 7 digits, mack daddy, body, luchini, shit, off the heezy, the vapors, wack, hella, floss on, diss, chickenhead, rap, boo, snitch, shife, chicken, booty, impala, holla, broccoli, bumba claat, bummy, tote, bumrush, nickel, kush, bust, Cali, bar, bumrush, dump, rims, step off, street, stress, stripes, rock, spit, rap, spliff, spray, Sprewell, squab, re-up, Remy, geeked out, ride, steelo, push, the Bay, tip, swerve, time, toast, trap, throwed, the A, package, studio gangsta, swagged-up, bust, purp, Range, rack, go hard or go home, down, wreck, Rover, brick, 20, bread, brain, bow, bounce, bop, 187, ghost, fresh, crazy, blades, on the d-low, lac, 213, 3-wheel, 3-wheel, 4, 40, 411, 504, 6, 9 millimeter, A1, Ac, Audi 5000, BM, baby mama drama, Backwoods, knock boots, Lambo, leather, locs, locster, lucci, Mac, Mac, mack, mad, maintain, MC, mean-mug, murk, molly, money-maker, nickel bag, no homo, Nolia, O.G., on point, on swoll, on the daily, on the grind, on the under, one-time, oowop, paid, fatty, play, plex, plexer, pop, pop, powder, presidential, rapping, rep, retarded, ride, kill, deuces, got, dick, dip, dub, e, duck sick, ecstasy, fed, got 5 on it, badunkadunk, government cheese, grind, bands, scrilla, saditty, seed, shit, shotty, skrt, slab, sleep on, slide, slip, snaps, snitch, roll, roscoe, run a train, rock, roll, turnt up, triflin, what's up, whip, white, wodie, YOLO, zooted, V.I., turn it out, trap house, V.A., twerk, trap, True, spark up, beef
Synonyms bih, bitch, jawn, squally
Related concepts skank, skeeze, skeezer

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