Del the Funky Homosapien


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a hooded sweatshirt
Collocates Timbs12, rock7, skully5, strapped3, chill2, fully2, gat2, hard2, burner2, stack2, yo2, bust a nut, cabbage, cat, chinchilla, corner, creep, dank, deep, dope, fed, four pound, game, glock, grill, gully, hater, heater, homie, in the mix, keep it real, lid, Mac, mean-mug, mental, Phillie, Range Rover, rap, rapper, represent, ride, ruckus, rugged, shorty, spark, stash spot, street, throwback, thug, tight, hops, Chucks, hood, Timbos, 40, Air Max, baguette, beef, Benz, bird, bitch
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