The Sugarhill Gang


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Antonyms wack
Categories Accolades
Collocates block7, ish4, spot4, whip4, drop4, beat3, chicken3, cock3, hoe3, as shit3, on lock2, on wax2, push2, rap2, rapper2, rhyme2, shit2, shit2, spit2, stunt2, -ass2, locked2, bitch2, crazy2, crew2, drop2, fish scale2, iced-out2, knot2, lean2, MC2, hooptie, Hot 97, icy, j's, Jacob, jam, joint, keep it real, kicks, Lambo, chula, 9 milli, on froze, pop, pull someone's card, QBC, rap, raw, rims, rock, rock, rolly, screwface, shell-tops, shiznit, sleep on, straight up and down, swag, third coast, thizz, thot, triple O.G., uzi, what's crackin', wodie, wild-thing, word up, steez, four fifth, 41st side, 6, 64, ayo, bang, beamer, blast, blunt, brain, bug out, bumba claat, chain, chill, clip, cold, cold, corner, cuff, def, fiend, fit, front, game, got, green, guap, homie, hoochie, hood
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the early 1900s

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