The Sugarhill Gang


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Antonyms wack
Categories Accolades
Collocates whip4, ish4, block4, drop4, chicken3, spot3, as shit3, spit2, stunt2, lean2, hoe2, -ass2, bitch2, crazy2, drop2, locked2, knot2, cock2, MC2, push2, rap2, rapper2, rhyme2, beat2, fit, front, got, green, hoochie, hood, hooptie, Hot 97, icy, j's, Jacob, jam, joint, keep it real, Lambo, 9 milli, on froze, pull someone's card, rap, rims, rock, rock, screwface, shell-tops, sleep on, steez, straight up and down, swag, third coast, thizz, thot, triple O.G., uzi, wodie, wild-thing, word up, Cris, dope, flow, crew, fish scale, iced-out, on lock, on wax, shit, shit, four fifth, 64, ayo, bang, beamer, blast, brain, bug out, bumba claat, chain, chill, clip, cold, corner, cuff, fiend
Etymology pre hip-hop, from the early 1900s

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